Integrated-energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform

On generation side,energy storage systems can provide power generation enterprises with frequency regulation resources that can respond quickly to power dispatching orders, ensuring that regional thermal power generating units operate stably, improving the service efficiency of primary energy, and reducing the unit's fatigue wear and failure rate. The operation of energy storage systems do not create additional carbon dioxide, helping power generation companies support sustainable development.

Solution – frequency modulation system
of energy storage
Easy access mode
and integrated construction
Highly customized
and modularized
Reduce the covered
area by 40% - 50%
PCS and battery are designed separately to ensure an optimal overall performance of the system, and guarantee the longest battery life.
The size among containers can be narrowed based on the requirements of in-situ hoisting and space maintenance.
Multi-level security function

Compatibility and coordination of electrical faults and downstream protection.


Control, monitor, and guarantee that the containers are operated within safe range. If needed, cut off the power. Every battery cupboard is equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system.

Battery cupboard

Automatic switch (contactor) can disconnect the rack from the system. The whole rack is equipped with high voltage fuse.


Monitor the voltage of each battery unit and the temperature of the module; equipped with fuse of an overall module level. 

Reliable design
Construction procedure

Wanke Energy is working hard on the project consultation, design, construction, and other service areas, to provide users with a full range of intelligent energy solution plan.


Soil, electric power, equipment, 

quality and quantity guarantee,

delivery on schedule


National evaluation to ensure

the safe and stable operation 

of the energy storage system


Operational maintenance, 

optimization in usability 

and efficiency of the system


Adopt modular design, 

and provide the most 

cost-effective plan


A 24/7 unattended operation, 

preventive maintenance


Wanke is responsible for 

the project investment, 

and making profit sharing plan for users

Project Exhibition
Guodian Zhaoqing energy storage and FM project

The project is located at Zhaoqing, Guangdong province. It is fully invested, constructed and operated by Wanke Energy. The whole energy storage and FM system contains battery containers, PCS containers and E-house container, which can make the power plant system run smoothly, improve the power quality, increase the safety of the unit and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Wusitai Thermal Power Plant energy storage and FM project

The project is located at Wusitai, Inner Mongolia. The whole energy storage and FM system can greatly improve AGC adjustment capacity of the generating unit of thermal power plant, significantly improve the profitability of the power plant, and further improve the safety stability of Mengxi’s power grid.