PowerLution Releases the Battery Health Management Platform

Recently, PowerLution independently developed a battery health management platform and went online. This platform is one of the core asset operation platforms of PowerLution's "Integrated Energy Smart Operation Service Platform".


Based on the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and machine learning technology, PowerLution’s battery health management platform realizes functions such as battery life prediction, battery status assessment, battery failure warning, and battery health management, helping customers understand the performance of energy storage power stations in real time. Status and identify safety risks in advance.


The platform mainly includes three major functions:


1. Multi-dimensional data model

Based on the high-frequency status data of the single battery, the platform establishes a multi-dimensional data model of the single battery, and allows customers to grasp the battery status comprehensively and timely through the single battery temperature heat map and battery operating data curve.



2. Battery health assessment model

Through big data analysis and intelligent prediction technology, the system accurately diagnoses and locates problem batteries, predicts battery failures in advance, provides customers with safety warnings and points out potential safety hazards.



3. Economic calculation of battery operation and maintenance.

The system provides battery operation and maintenance economic calculation based on "dynamic capacity division technology", which can provide the best battery operation and maintenance plan.



In the next step, in addition to continuing to deepen cooperation with domestic industrial and commercial clients, Wan.ke Energy will also comprehensively promote its overseas brand ‘Powerlution’ and the development of international markets. We will continue to deepen technology research and development and technological innovation to create value for more industrial and commercial customers.