Making Energy More Secure, an important issue that PowerLution keeps thinking and practicing.

At present, the safety of the battery system is still an important part of the project's entire life cycle. Objectively speaking, most economic model calculations are based on the ability to ensure system security. Once an accident occurs, the previous efforts will be To waste. However, under the current technical level, there is no absolutely safe energy storage system.

In this regard, the newly released battery health management platform of PowerLution can effectively solve the above-mentioned pain points, detect potential safety hazards early, predict battery life, and improve battery operation efficiency through process control and battery operation and maintenance.


In terms of battery safety, the platform builds a multidimensional data model of the single battery based on the high-frequency status data of the single battery. Through the single battery temperature heat map and battery operating data curve, customers can fully and timely grasp the battery status information.

The battery health assessment model established by the platform can accurately diagnose and locate problem batteries through big data analysis and intelligent prediction technology, predict battery failures in advance, provide customers with safety warnings and point out potential safety hazards.

Moreover, we provide battery operation and maintenance economic calculations based on "dynamic capacity separation technology" for battery health issues to provide customers with the best battery operation and maintenance program. Taking a user-side energy storage power station in Shanghai as an example, using "dynamic capacity separation technology", the average daily income can be increased by 4.85%.