PowerLution Launched the PV Operation Service Platform

PowerLution’s PV Operation Service Platform provides customers with centralized management and smart operation services.




It's power generation prediction, fault diagnosis and other functions, relying on artificial intelligence technology to help users control the health of the power station in real time, provide timely warnings, reduce unnecessary shutdowns of the power station, and reduce operating losses.


Equipment management, index management evaluation, comprehensive report analysis and other functions help users improve the refined management of power stations in the way of multi-terminal interconnection and interaction, and fully demonstrate the concept of indexed experience.


At the same time, the platform uses analysis tools and big data technology in the cloud to conduct in-depth mining and analysis of power station fault data, establish an expert knowledge base, and provide targeted operation and maintenance suggestions for users while filtering alarms, and cooperate with the smart operation and maintenance system to achieve power station fewer people and unmanned operation and maintenance can reduce operation and maintenance costs for customers.


In the future, PowerLution will continue to further integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence with PV energy storage products, VPP and asset management operations, and always adhere to the mission of “Making Energy More Secure, Efficient and Clean” to create for customers More revenue, provide better quality and efficient services.