Software as a Service! How PowerLution's Residential All-in-one ESS (low voltage) realizes smart home storage interconnection

PowerLution's Residential All-in-one ESS (low voltage) is equipped with a Hybrid off-grid inverter, two battery cabinets which  support 2.4~17 kWh, for users to choose flexible .


Users can access the PowerLution’s Integrated-energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform by downloading the APP to realize intelligent interconnection with the residential ESS. Thereby, you can view the real-time operating status and historical statistics of the device at any time in the APP. 


Combining big data technology to diagnose the health status of equipment, provide timely warnings and reduce risks. At the same time, the cloud platform uses artificial intelligence technology to optimize equipment operation strategies in real time, allowing equipment to operate with the most economically optimal strategy, helping users to further reduce electricity costs and increase revenue.