Energy Storage Connects Energy Internet in Future

Energy storage systems play an important role in the field of energy utilization due to their flexible configuration, rapid response, and freedom from geographical and external natural resource constraints. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the development focus and future trends of the energy storage industry.


1.The development of the energy storage industry requires economic value to reflect functional value.


When the economic value of the product cannot fully reflect the functional value of the product, it is reasonable and necessary to give the product appropriate economic compensation. The United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan have all introduced policies to support and promote the development of the energy storage industry to promote the development of the local energy storage industry.


2. Energy Internet is the ultimate positioning for the development of the energy industry.


Energy Internet is based on the energy system and information technology, and has the five basic characteristics of "renewable, distributed, interconnected, open and intelligent", and is a shared network that controls energy flow with information flow.


The development of large-scale energy storage technology will help increase the flexibility of electric energy use and transmission, and help realize the interconnection and time-space transfer of electric energy, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of economic, efficient and green utilization of electricity. At the same time, the massive construction of energy storage devices also allows consumers to directly participate in power and energy transactions, changing the traditional supply and demand relationship between users and suppliers.


In the future, energy suppliers will no longer be a single energy supplier, but a comprehensive energy service provider that can provide end users with multifaceted and multidimensional energy solutions. Therefore, the energy Internet based on integrated energy services will be the ultimate positioning for the development of the energy storage industry.