PowerLution’s smart micro-grid technology is constantly innovating to help carbon neutrality

PowerLution has conducted in-depth research on the key technologies of micro-grid system construction, combined with independent research and development, industry-leading micro-grid control system, to provide customers at home and abroad with intelligent micro-grid system solutions and services. This system can be applied to various on/off grid scenarios such as offshore islands, remote mining areas, industrial parks, and farms.


In response to diversified energy demands of users such as electricity, heating, cooling, and gas, PowerLution and Zhejiang University have conducted in-depth research on energy optimization scheduling algorithms. Through independent modeling of energy production, energy storage, energy conversion and energy consumption equipment, a comprehensive energy system energy supply structure based on the energy exchange network is built.

The algorithm is based on stable energy supply, and minimizes the comprehensive value of related indicators such as energy purchase, equipment operation and maintenance, and energy storage depreciation cost as the optimization goal. Taking into account the constraints of cooling, heating and power balance, equipment operation, and energy storage equipment, the micro-grid is optimally dispatched to achieve self-optimization of the overall operation. At present, the algorithm has been put into operation in multiple parks and mining scenarios, helping customers to achieve stable operation of the energy system and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In the future, PowerLution will continue to dig deeper into micro-grid business scenarios, optimize system functions and algorithms, and contribute to low-carbon energy.