Smart Home Storage! PowerLution Residential Split Type Energy Storage Battery

PowerLution Residential Split Type Energy Storage Battery and inverter are installed separately. Users can match 3-5kW household energy storage inverters according to their own needs, and can also match switching power supplies or inverters as backup power sources. The protection level of the split machine is IP65, which can adapt to the indoor and outdoor use environment.



PowerLution Residential Split Type Energy Storage Battery has three capacity specifications of 13.8kWh, 9.2kWh and 4.6kWh. The product uses lithium iron phosphate batteries with high energy density, long cycle life, good safety performance, low self-discharge rate, and no memory effect. Moreover, the 13.8kWh split machine supports floor installation, while the other two specifications support wall installation.



The most important point is our Split Type Energy Storage Battery can be connected to our Integrated-energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform, and users can view the operating status and historical statistics of the equipment on the APP. The platform uses artificial intelligence technology to optimize equipment operation strategies in real time, allowing equipment to operate with economically optimal strategies.