Product Catalog | PowerLution Intelligent Hardware Product Series

PowerLution has developed an 'Integrated-energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform' based on the concept of 'Internet + New Energy'. Meanwhile, we have also developed intelligent hardware products (Battery PACK, Residential All-in-one Energy Storage System, Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System, etc.) that can access the platform. Cooperate with the platform to further reduce electricity costs and increase revenue for customers.

Intelligent Hardware Chapter of PowerLution Product Catalog

1. Battery PACK


The 48V battery modules have capacities of 50Ah and 90Ah respectively, which can be used for power backup and residential energy storage. The module contains an intelligent control system with RS485 and CAN communication interfaces, which can be flexibly expanded in parallel and supports standard cabinet installation.


2. Residential All-in-one Energy Storage System


During the daytime, PV provides power to loads, and the excess power is stored in the photovoltaic-energy-storage integrated machine. When the sun goes down at night, the power stored in the integrated machine is given priority to supply power to loads. After the energy storage power is exhausted, the power from power grids is connected to continue the power supply.

3. Containerized Energy Storage System


The container energy storage system is a product developed for applications such as grid-side energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, auxiliary services, high-voltage UPS, and data room. PowerLution independently develops BMS and system integration design, which can provide customers with integrated delivery of all levels of solutions from battery modules, energy storage systems, and container energy storage systems. PowerLution has practiced in many projects and has received many praises from customers. The product adopts modular architecture, three-level BMS management, and the voltage covers 96V to 1000V, which can be flexibly configured according to customer needs.


In the next step, we will continue to deepen technology research and development and technological innovation to create value for more industrial and commercial customers.