Introduction to Integrated-energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform

The energy management platform based on the Internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, provides energy management and digital operation services for user-side energy storages, power-side energy storages, and grid-side energy storages, as well as related PV and micro-grids. The platform provides operational management and value-added services for energy assets to help customers achieve a safe, efficient and stable energy supply and increase user revenue.



Core products of the platform


1. Battery Asset Management (Powerlution Keeper) 

The battery health management platform has functions such as battery life prediction, battery status evaluation, battery failure warning, battery health management, etc. It can understand the remaining operating time of the energy storage power station, the performance status of battery assets in real-time, identify safety risks in advance, and make targeted improvements when the battery is in a sub-healthy state.




1). Multi-dimensional data model to help customers grasp battery status and accurately evaluate asset value;

2). Battery health assessment model, providing customers with safety warnings, locating problem batteries and sub-healthy batteries;

3). Economic calculation of battery operation and maintenance to provide customers with the best operation and maintenance plan to improve battery health and performance.



2. Power Station Energy Management System (Powerlution SEMS)




Power Station Energy Management System satisfies various "energy storage +" business scenarios. It provides a local energy management system and big data cloud platform for energy storage projects on the user side, power supply side, and grid side. Support control modes such as plan tracking, smooth output, primary frequency modulation, AGC, AVC, new energy consumption, emergency power support, dispatch command tracking, peak cutting, valley filling, and so on.


3. Micro-grid Energy Management System (Powerlution MEMS)




PowerLution has conducted in-depth research on the key technologies of micro-grid system construction, combined with independent research and development, industry-leading micro-grid control system, to provide customers at home and abroad with intelligent micro-grid system solutions and services. This system can be applied to various on/off grid scenarios such as offshore islands, remote mining areas, industrial parks, and farms.


In the future, we will continue to deeply integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence with application scenarios such as energy storage, PV, and micro-grids. We will provide more high-quality and efficient services for customers.