Intelligent capacity configuration and operation scheduling of energy storage

With the rapid increase in the number of distributed PV and wind power systems installed at home and abroad, energy storage has become an important means to solve the intermittency and volatility of new energy sources such as PV and wind power, and to promote absorption, reduce wind and solar abandonment, and therefore also drive The development of energy storage systems. Because there are countless combinations of energy storage configuration and charging and discharging strategies, it's difficult to calculate by exhaustive methods. If some simple strategy estimation is carried out by manual, there will be problems of inaccurate profit estimation and low efficiency.




To make investment decisions quickly, we have developed a set of "Intelligent Energy Storage Revenue Evaluation Systems" for the optical storage scenario and the electricity price bidding energy storage scenario. Input historical load, power generation, electricity price, and other data, you can quickly calculate the income of each energy storage configuration, investment recovery period, and daily charging and discharging strategy.


In the solar storage scenario, the configuration of energy storage can generate three parts of revenue, one is the revenue of peak shaving and valley filling, the other is the revenue of reducing demand, and the other is the revenue of charging and discharging at the wrong time for photovoltaic power generation. Input the historical photovoltaic power generation curve and power load curve to the system, which can simulate the actual operating conditions of energy storage, calculate the theoretically optimal energy storage configuration and charging and discharging strategy in a short time, the total investment income, and the investment recovery period. Energy storage investment makes quick decisions about which energy storage configuration to use to achieve the optimal investment return ratio.



▲The charging and discharging strategy of photovoltaic energy storage output by the system on a certain day


In overseas energy storage application scenarios, the real-time changes in the electricity price in the electricity market are highly volatile, and the electricity price changes every 5 minutes, and the price difference between before and after it reaches hundreds or even tens of thousands. When the power generation on the power supply side is sufficient and the power generation is much larger than the load, the electricity price may become negative, and the power consumption can also bring benefits. On the contrary, if the power supply side is insufficient and the demand for power consumption is strong, high-priced electricity will appear. Enter historical electricity price data and multiple energy storage configurations into the system. It can quickly find the optimal charge and discharge power of each energy storage configuration at each time, the optimal total revenue, charge or discharge costs, etc.



▲Charging and discharging power of energy storage battery output by the system on a certain day


The intelligent system can combine the future generation power, electricity load, and electricity price forecast data to quickly calculate the charge and discharge power at each moment to ensure the safety of energy storage batteries and realize the optimal economic operation mode. At present, the system has configured intelligent energy storage capacity for many projects at home and abroad and has been well received by customers. Interested friends are welcome to consult at any time: