Good news | Powerlution Residential Energy Storage System Shipped to Europe

Powerlution residential energy storage systems have shipped to Europe after being approved by customers in the Nigerian market, marking the further globalization of Powerlution residential energy storage market. We following the mission of 'Making Energy More Secure, Efficient and Clean' , always focus on user needs, continue to innovate, achieve energy interconnection.

Residential All-in-one Energy Storage System


It consists of a 4.6KW Hybrid off-grid energy storage inverter and battery pack. Moreover, it integrates as a small off-grid energy storage system with PV modules, household loads, and the power grid.

Residential Split Type Energy Storage Battery


Powerlution Residential Split Type Energy Storage Battery and inverter installed separately. Users choose 3-5kW household energy storage inverters according to their own needs and can match switching power supplies or inverters as backup power sources.


  • Self-supply

    When there is light, PV modules convert solar energy into electric energy, and supply power to the load through the off-grid energy storage inverter and charge the battery pack;

    There is no light and the battery and the grid supply power to the AC load.


  • Intelligent interconnection

    The equipment has connected to Powerlution Integrated-energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform, so users can intelligently interconnect with the all-in-one ESS through the APP. Therefore, it is convenient for users to view the real-time operating status and historical statistics of the equipment anytime and anywhere.

  • Timely warning

    Combining big data technology to diagnose the health status of equipment. Providing timely warnings and reduce risks.


  • Optimized operation

    The cloud platform uses artificial intelligence technology to optimize equipment operation strategies in real-time, allowing equipment to operate with an economic optimization strategy. Help users further reduce electricity costs and increase revenue.