Powerlution HEMS Version 2.0 is Officially Launched

Combined with modern popular design styles, we have optimized the login interface to provide users with a better visual experience.


1. The power station module is optimized and upgraded, which is convenient for users to conduct real-time observations of multiple sites at the same time.



2.  Asset management is optimized and upgraded, and users can quickly access the device by scanning the code. The system can send abnormal messages to users in time.



3. Demonstrate optimization and upgrade to show users the actual power consumption in the form of a dynamic flow diagram.



4. The list display is optimized and upgraded, the chart shows the electricity consumption more intuitively, and the data is traceable.



5. Mode remote control optimization and upgrade, flexible switching, and intelligent algorithms help users optimize electricity costs.



Supporting Powerlution household energy storage system, users can realize intelligent interconnection with All-in-one and Split Machines through APP, helping users reducing electricity costs and increase revenue.