Wanke Energy was invited to participate in the 3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology

Recently, Dong Shufeng, general manager of Wanke Energy R&D Center, led the relevant personnel of the company's R&D center and overseas business department, together with SINOCOM, a partner in the Philippines to visit Zhai Yongping, chief engineer of energy technology of the Asian Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as “ADB”) and micro-grid experts from other regions of the Asia-Pacific region. Both parties have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on micro-grid related technologies and project cooperation. ADB experts gave high praise and recognition to Wanke Energy's existing research and development achievements, and said that Wanke Energy's technology is exactly what they have been looking for and Wanke Energy's products also have great market potential in southeast Asia.


On October 24th, Wanke Energy was invited by ADB to bring technology and products with its partner SINOCOM in the Philippines to participate in" the 3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology " held in Changsha, Hunan, China. With the theme of "Sharing Low Carbon Technologies and Keeping a Beautiful Blue Sky", the forum attracted representatives from 37 countries and regions and 53 different international organizations to gather in Changsha. During the meeting, Wanke Energy's technology and products attracted many participating enterprises to visit and exchange, and reached cooperation intentions with enterprises from the Philippines, Fiji, Cambodia, Ghana and so on. Dong Shufeng, general manager of Wanke Energy R&D Center, delivered a keynote speech on the practice of micro-grid technology in industrial parks at the forum on low-carbon industrial parks at the main venue. He shared with participants the leading achievements of Wanke Energy in micro-grid control technology in recent years.


In recent years, with the continuous development of micro-grid technology and integrated energy industry, micro-grid energy management system and key technologies have gradually become the focus of market attention. In recent years, Wanke Energy's R&D center has accumulated a large number of research results on the key technologies of the micro-grid, and has obtained a large number of practical applications in the industry, which has been highly recognized by customers.