9MW/4.5MWh Energy Storage Frequency Modulation Project of Wanke Energy Ustai Thermal Power Plant officially started


Ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony

On the morning of September 13, 2018, the 9MW/4.5MWH Energy Storage Auxiliary Frequency Modulation Project co-operated by Ustai Thermal Power Plant of Inner Mongolia Energy Power Generation Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Wanke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was officially started, and the leaders of both parties jointly attended the opening ceremony.


Speech by Yang Hanfeng, standing vice manager of Wanke Energy

The 9MW/4.5MWh Energy Storage Frequency Modulation Project of the Ustai Thermal Power Plant is fully invested, built and operated by Wanke Energy. The project will be completed in three months. At that time, it will not only greatly enhance the AGC regulation capacity of the generating units of Ustai Thermal Power Plant, significantly improve the profitability of the power plant, but also further improve the security and stability of the Western Inner Mongolia Power Grid and promote the application and development of energy storage technology.

Wanke Energy is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the “Integrated Energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform”. Relying on strong technology, capital and team strength, the company conducts energy infrastructure investment, construction, operation and other related services in various fields such as auxiliary services, micro-grid, integrated energy, battery cascade utilization , etc.. At the same time, the company has independently developed "Integrated Energy Intelligent Operation Service Platform" relying on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology to provide customers with operation and maintenance of energy assets and a variety of value-added services.

Wanke Energy's total investment in energy storage user side, frequency modulation, micro-grid and other business areas has exceeded 100MWh this year. The cooperation with Ustai Thermal Power Plant has opened a new chapter in the win-win development of Wanke Energy's energy storage business and power generation industry, established a good development trend for the company, once again verified the company's leading technical strength in energy storage applications, and will further consolidate the company's industry leadership.